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Company new name:Areal Industries Co. Ltd.
Date:2015-10-12 14:52


Congratulation! We are ten years old! Great thanks to all loyal our clients and the hard-working staff, Our company is

getting a big grow-up since the fundation and our business is being increased and enlarged to almost everywhere of the world.

A few years ago, we created our own brand "AREAL" and it has been adored by our customers because of its high quality and new

designs, as well as our staff's excellent customer service.

Focuing on a much great future and in order to protect our trademark and copyright, we decide to rename our company as Areal

Industries (HK) Co. Ltd.  As our old company's name Chinareal Industries (HK) Co. Ltd is well-known, we would keep it as a

twins and everything about chinareal is as same as usual, such as, Industrial and Commercial registration, Company's bank

account. All are still legally binding.